Commissioned Artwork

Artwork: Ngurra

This artwork tells a story of connection between People and Country as well as the interconnection with all living and non-living things on Mother Earth. The circles and lines represent homes and tracks to one another’s Country.

As an Aboriginal person we naturally long for connection to our land and our culture, without this it affects not only our health and well-being but the sustainability of the earth we live on. Strong culture and identity helps develop resilience and power within our community.

From cultural knowledge we learn our obligations and responsibility to caring for the land which creates the interconnection amongst all living and non-living things, everyone and everything has a place.

    Artist: Maddy Hope-Hodgetts

    Maddy is a young Ngiyampaa and Wirajduri woman. Her family’s Country is around Central and Western NSW and is from the Karulkiyalu clan. She has a passion for creating artwork that reflects her Culture, her language, her kinship and her Ngurrampaa (Country).

    Growing up on the Central Coast NSW (the lands of the Darkinyung people), she was blessed to be surrounded by bush and the beach. She was taught how to paint at a young age by her Mother. She also grew up with many cultural influences that have passed on their knowledge as well as showing Maddy the importance of caring for Mother Earth and each other.

    These experiences of Culture and Family have instilled in Maddy the importance of sharing  our stories and Country through her art.

    Maddy’s artwork can be purchased at Kapata Dreaming.

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